Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Reasons why I use Creative Commons License.

Hello everyone!

I just decided to put my blog under a Creative Commons license, particulary this one: Attribution-NonCommercial-Share Alike 4.0 International. You can see now the icon of my license at the end of my blog page. 

Creative Commons is a non-profit organization which helps you to share your knowledge and creative materials with the world taking into account that they have a value so the people who wants to share your creations has to give you some credit. 

First, you have to realize that, for education, sharing information with others is an important fact. Therefore, Creative Commons is aimed to develop the growth of a new education era in which everyone can share content without worries. 

My Creative Commons license allows other people to share the information as long as they do it in the same way. People can share my content by coping and distributing it in any medium or format. Moreover, they can adapt the information by transforming and building upon the material. The aforementioned terms will be permited under the following conditions:

  • Give appropriate credit to the author, provide a link to my license and also mention whether they have made changes or not. 
  • They are not allowed to use my material with commercial purposes.
  • If they made some changes to the material, they have to distribute it under the same license. 

I have decided to have a license in my blog because here I post a lot of images and materials that I made my self and I don't want anyone to use them in a bad way. Actually, I'm not against someone who wants to use my materials, because that is the reason why I post them in this blog, but I want my  materials to be used with a great purpose contributing to education. 

Regarding my students, I will encourage them to share and use online materials as long as they realize that the materials belong to someone else, who has spent time creating them. In this way, reflecting on that, they will learn to value their own and others work. They will have to be aware that their own materials have a value and that they have to protect them in some way under the terms they decided. For that purpose, they can use Creative Commons in order to create a great community in which they will be able to share content respectfully.  
Besides, they will have to be aware that all the online content may be not free to use and that they can have a license that everyone wanting to share has to respect. 

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