Sunday, 1 May 2016

This is not a goodbye post!

Hello everyone!

During these 3 months you have been following my adventure through ICT. We are about to end it, but this is not a goodbye, it is just a see you soon. Our masters degree is going to finish in the following days, however I will continue with the blog and also learning new things about ICT.

I have to confess that at the begining of this trip through ICT I was a little bit scared because of the amount of work we had, but then I have learnt a lot of things just by doing them. Through the activities and the different challenges I have experimented new methodologies and a different way of teaching. I have learnt that children will acquire contents and abilities just by doing things, which is much better when they do it using ICT. Moreover, I see ICT as the perfect tool for teachers to create motivating and challenging activities for the students.

During this academic term, we have been working through different modules with different challenges with our teacher Mará Jesús García (@mjgsm on twitter). I have to thank her all the support given and the patience she had with us in the process of growing as teaching professionals.

To compile all my impressions about the ICT subject and gather together all the artifacts I have created, I decided to create a video. First, I created a slide show using Genially an amazin fre web tool to create beautiful and interactive presentations. Then,  I put some voice on it and transformed into a video using Screencast o-matic which allows you to record 15 minutes free using the trial version. It is really useful and very easy to use. With any screencast program you can record what is happening in your screen into a video. Here is the final product, in which you can see all the challenges I have overcome to become a Project based CLIL teacher:

This is the Interactive presentation created with Genially in which you can click in the different images and artifacts to see them in detail:

Remember that I have also published all this artifacts in my twitter account: @LauraGonGar5

I have always thought of ICT as a crucial tool in the classroom but now I am totally sure that I will be a good CLIL teacher as long as I keep ICT always by my side.

Thank you for being here with me during my adventure exploring ICT.
Hope you liked it!
See you soon!