Sunday, 28 February 2016

A bank of common knowledge

Hello again everybody!
Today I want to tell you something about banks of common knowledge. Since we are teachers, it is useful to have a online space in which we can have lots of resources, materials, web pages, etc. ready to use them, just with one click. 
As far as I see it, I think that it is really amazing being able to have a bank of resources shared with other teachers in order to learn from others adn to see different point of views. I think that collaboration between everybody who teachs gives us a top quality knowledge and information and a great variety of materials. 
With this idea, we have created in our class a bank of common knowledge about CLIL in which everyone has posted web pages, web tools, resources, blogs, videos and music among other things. We are using Pinterest, so if you want to take a look, click here. 
Here you have my contribution to this common banks of reosurces:
Timeglider: web-based timeline software. Free online web tool to make timelines, which can be useful in CLIL classroom as a visual organizer for some contents, for instance in social science.
2. Pixton  is a web tool in which you can create comics for free. --> PIN on Pinterest.
PIXTON is an amazing free web tool which allows you to create wonderful comics easily. It is a greeat tool to work literacy in CLIL with students and, depending on their grade, they will be able to create their own comic and printed. In that way, they will be learning the language by using it
3. Piktochart is a free online tool that can be used to create infographics --> PIN on Pinterest. 
Piktochart is an amazing free online tool in which you can create infographics to make the information beautiful. This can be used with educational purposes to create really visual and eye catching posters, presentations or visual organizers for children. You can download the image and print it easily
4. Model making of Landscapes to learn science vocabulary while working creativity made by my children in class. They are 2nd graders --> PIN on Pinterest.
Model making to work landscapes. This was made by 2nd graders in my internship class and they learnt all the vocabulary about landscapes by using it. Model making is always a good idea in CLIL and they can also do a show and tell to practice oral skills. Here you have an idea to develop creativity in children while they learn without knowing.
5. Chef of volume: an e-publication by Marta Plaza, last year student on the same master --> PIN on Pinterest. 
CHEF OF VOLUME is an e-publication by Marta Plaza, a last year student of our Master. She created this lesson plan to work out volume with creative activities. I think that this is a good example of how to relate different contents while children learn in a fun way. You can finde this in her web page:
Manuel Cacicedo English blog: mcacicedoenglish.... Here you can find lots of materials and reosurces to use in a CLIL classroom. I've followed him for 3 years now and I always find interesting things about english teaching! Hope you like it and you find it useful.

Hope you find it useful! If you know any amazing resource, please leave a comment below o contact me on my social networks! Thank you.

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