Sunday, 21 February 2016

My PLE and PLN for CLIL

Hello everybody! I was looking forward to share my PLE and PLN, so here you have it 


When I started to design this mindmap I thought that I didn't have enough sources of information, but then I realized that we can learn from everything that surround us just by using the right resources and tools.  I have used Piktochart, a free online web tool to create colorful infographics. I totally recomend you to try it because the results are amazing. Nevertheless, at first could be kinda difficult but when you start trying all the posibilities it becomes easy.

Regarding my knowledge about CLIL, I have to say that I have learned all I know from my classes at Salamanca University when I was studying my specialisation in English in the 3rd and 4th years of my degree. During those academic years I had 6 subjects related with CLIL so I learn a lot about this topic. I consider that as crucial knowledge for my future as a bilingual teacher.

After finishing my Primary Education degree there, I moved to Madrid in order to continue learning, so I decided to start a Masters degree in bilingual education in which I am learning a lot of new things about CLIL.
Moreover, not only the classes at the University but also social networks are keeping me on track whit CLIL. For instance, whit twitter you can be up to date on CLIL with a simple click on your phone, tablet or computer wherever and whenever you want it. What is more, you can share with your community all the interesting information you find and your own ideas.

Related with that, to interact whit my peers I also use twitter because it's so easy to use. Furthermore, I also use whatsapp, skype, instagram, google hangouts (similar to skype), google drive, dropbox, facebook. Here we can share information and learn from eachother which I consider a good way to obtain a top quality knowledge.
In the infographic I have shared you can also see what I currently use to improve and keep up my knowledge about CLIL. You probably know the vast majority of them, but I will explain some which I think are interesting for you, just in case you haven't heard about them.
* TEDtalks: is a nonprofit organization to spread ideas using powerful talks. Here you can find a lot of speeches related with Education and Technology among other topics. I recomend you to use it because they are amazing!
* Coursera: it is a webpage in which you can join free online courses about everything you want and they also gave you a diploma when you finish a course.

Hope it was helpful!


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