Sunday, 28 February 2016

I'm a content curator!


I just want to tell you that I just become a content curator. Maybe you know what does it means but maybe not. To be a content curator means organizing information in order to have everything you need ready to use it whenever you want without loosing time searching on the net. There are plenty of web tools to do that, although the most famous ones are: Pinterest, and Symbaloo. The best part is that they are free.

I use Pinterest to arrange lots of materials related with CLIL teaching and also to find materials, resources and DIY projects, which I love! You can use it for many thing at the same time, because you can create as many boards as you want and pin all you find there.

I recently discovered Symbaloo, which allows you to create an online desktop where you can gather webpages and other resources in different tiles. Here you have mine:

In this webmix I have my favorite webpages and links to find resources related with CLIL. I also have my social networks and some free online web tools to create my own materials. As you can see, they are organized in different categories using colours.

In red colour you can see my main and everyday social networks (twitter, blogger, pinterest and my University moodel). Then, in orange I have my favourites pages to improve my academic english. Also, highlighted in green, I have different web pages full of reosurces for Primary classrooms.
At the top on the right, in yellow, I have some useful tools to create my own materials easily and free, of course! Finally, in blue, I have my favourite youtube channels for kids.

Hope you like it.

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