Sunday, 21 February 2016

Learn something about me: 3,2,1 Introduction

Hello again!
A 3, 2, 1 Introduction is a way of presenting interesting information about you in 3 steps: tell 3 things that people should know about you, then share 2 of your passions or things you like, and last but not least tell everyone your dream occupation you would have if you weren't what you are right now. 

To produce my 3,2,1 introduction I've used Pixton, which is an interesting web tool to create personalised comics. When I was thinking which tool I was going to use to make my personal introduction, I surfed the web page and I see PIXTON, inmediately caught my attention as it has a very colourful icon. Also, I thougth that it would be a great and original way of producing my own digital identity.
 It is a very useful, original and full of details. You can add your own characters, backgrounds, objects and also edit them in a great variety of size, proportion, colour. It offers you a great amount of pre-designed elements to create your perfect comic. It is also very realistic since you can change everything about your character as facial expression, clothes, hair cut, accesories, gestures and also move parts of the body and all the surrounding elements. Moreover,  Since we are teachers, we can extrapolate this to our field of study putting it into practice in class, in order to develop children's creativity and critical thinking.
It has a lot of advantages as I have described before, but it also have some disadvantages. One thing that it can be changed is that it would be useful to have the possibility to transform the comic in an animated video once you have finished. Also, if you could transform it into a video you would be able to add some music to it to make it more visual and interactive. 
 While I was using this tool, I felt inlove with this amazing tool because it has a lot of detailed things and I love to create things like these. So I would recomend it because it is a easy-to-use web tool, it is free and you can also publish, share and save your comic in many different ways. Moreover it would provide you with an original way to make a personal introduction or tell a story.

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