Saturday, 16 April 2016

InfoEDUgraphics challenge

Hello again!

Today I am going to tell you something about the e-project I mentioned in other posts. Now we are working in groups in order to create a collaborative CLIL e-project about History, so we are creating different activities and challenges for children.

One of our first challenges was to create an infographic in order to collaborate with the InfoEDUgrafías project. This is a good project in which you can participate with your students at any level (Infants, Primary, Secundary, and University) so if you are interested you can follow them on twitter: @infoedugrafias.

Since we wanted to collaborate, we have created an infographic with the purpose of helping our children to create their own timeline. We have designed it with the inspiration of Mario Bros video game due to the fact that we think it will make the information visual and funny for children. with this they will love to learn how to create a timeline and they will be motivated and focus on their task.

At the beginning we tried different kinds of programas, for instance, Canva. but we decided to use Piktochart because it was the more suitable for us. It allows you to use all the space you need for your infographic, also you can use all the icons and images in the app, the backgrounds are amazing and the text edition possibilities too. The best thing is that it is all for free.
Here is the final result:

Hope you like it and find it useful. 

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