Friday, 22 April 2016

2016 Augmented World Book Day

Hello again everybody!

This time I am crafting a challenge to participate in a new project: celebrate 2016 World Book Day using a pinterest wall called A wall of Books. Here you can see different people from around the world posting different things to celebrate this amazing day. And that is the beauty of this: you can see different ideas from different places, such a perfect way to enrich ourselves, don't you think so?
Moreover, World Book Day is a great day to encourage learners to read and the better way is by creating motivating things and projects for them and this is what I have created this time.

The aim of this post is to tell you what I have created to collaborate in this beautiful project. I have used Aurasma. I don't know if you have heard something about this fantastic app which works with augmented reality. Is as simple as create an image or use one you like and the attach a video or audio to the image.- When you have done that, then everytime your camera catch that image (through the Aurasma App), the app will automatically play your video or audio and it will create an amazing effect. Aurasma allows you to overlay different technologies as 3D, videos and audio clips on an image.

In case you don't know how to use Aurasma, you have here an amazing tutorial made by some of my colleagues at the Masters degree @Nepeuspu, @Alvaro_Gope, @Marta_Gayarre, @Maradominguezgo and @22paau :

For instance,  Take a 20 euros note and use your Aurasma app with it. I promisse that it is soo worthy that you are going to become an Aurasma lover and you are going to look for more amazing Aurasmas. Take into account that you have to download the Aurasma App into your phone to enjoy them.

Of course, here you have my trigger image in which you can discover a lot about me as a reader when you focus on it using the Aurasma app in your phone:

If this image is to big, try to zoom out this web page, if you can not see it propperly you have the image in a smaller size in this tweet I have published. Don't forget to follow me on twitter: @LauraGonGar5. Moreover, In Aurasma you can find me as LauraGonGar5 (click to suscribe to my Aurasma public profile) and you can also find my aurasma as: What type of reader am I? 

These kinds of apps and web tools are changing the way we teach and the way students learn. Concretely Aurasma allows learners to interact with the world around them and we, as teachers, can create diferent images and things for them. This can also change they way we introduce new contents and the way we interact with our students. Since Aurasma is an online tool and also an app for mobile phones and tablets, students can see at home Aurasmas we have created for them, to tell them something, to give them a new activity or challenge or simply to teach them a new content in a new way.

I just love this way of teaching due to the fact that children will learn without realising they are doing so. As they are enjoying what they are "playing" they will learn better and they will be more focused on the task. So, if you are a teacher and you are reading this, you must create an account on Aurasma and start changing the Education from today.

Hope you liked it and you have learnt new things!
And of course... HAPPY 2016 WORLD BOOK DAY! Never stop reading because reading is a way of living new adventures that everyone can afford!

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