Thursday, 17 March 2016

My e-project prototype

Hello everybody!
As I wanted to create an e-project, I started thinking about the prototype so I make an outline to organise all the ideas I had in mind. I wanted to do my project about History because it is more theoretical than other subjects and there is a need to make it more motivating and interesting for students. As they will learn by doing they will obtain a meaningful learning. 
Here you have my lesson plan document in case you want to take a look. If you have an idea o a comment about something I coul imporve, let me now. Remember that this is just a prototype, so I will extend this as long as I start to grow it and adding information. 
By doing this project I have learnt that making the learning process more meaniful is easy if you include ICT and online artifacts to your classroom. I think that it can be difficult to apply this on a real classroom but only at the beginning. If you state some rules you can adap the class and make the children be accostumed to use this kind of methodology. 
Here is the youtube trailer of my e-project, which I made using Imovie because I wanted to put videos and pictures together with music. Moreover, I chose this tool due to make a short video and because, once you finish the video, it is so easy to publish it on youtube. Besides, I used Piktochart to create some of the images I put on the video.  I really recomend you to try Imovie, it is full of free templates to create a video.

Hope you like my project. If you

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